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Most coaches and consultants get overwhelmed with starting their email list.

Even if you stink at writing and have zero tech skills, I can help you create the best lead magnet for your audience, help you write your emails, advise you when to send those emails, and set it all up for you!

Get more clients and master the basics of email marketing.



Desi Whitney, Co-Founder ECI

Desi Whitney, Co-Founder ECI

I didn’t have the time or expertise to create a “freebie” to start growing my list. Every time I would read an article online or listen to a podcast about email marketing, it just confused me more.

Working with Nikki made the process of creating my freebie and email nurture sequence stress-free. She helped me decide what content to include, what to write and connected all the tech in ConvertKit. Our email list is finally started so we can grow our business!
I was trying to do everything on my own and it was taking me so long to figure out all the tech! I was frustrated with how slow the process was to get my email list started.

Nikki connected all the pieces (freebie, ConvertKit automation, nurture sequence emails) and I’m so glad. I was spending way too much time learning everything!
Traci Elliott, Weight Loss Coach

Traci Elliott, Weight Loss Coach



While I started my own business as a life coach, I studied online and email marketing for HOURS! There were many the late nights when I ignored my husband and tortured my son in car rides while I made him listen to Amy Porterfield podcasts with me.

I had pursued life coaching as a profession, but I wasn’t enjoying it like I thought I would. So, I asked several coach friends if they needed help with their email marketing, and they did!

I noticed quickly that many coaches are holding back from getting their email list started.

Or spending hundreds of hours trying to figure it out.

Or never even starting at all.

Or drowning their sorrows with wine or Facebook.

Today, my business combines aspects of my life coach training (it helps me tell when you’re stalling from making important decisions for your business!) with email marketing basics and systems. Be an email list starter!