how to not take things personally to enjoy work more

Through my life coach training and subsequent pile of self development books devoured, I’ve come up with some practical and crafty ways to make myself happier.

I used to be the queen of taking things personally at work. This left me defeated, deflated and thinking I wasn’t good enough.

I’ve given this 45 minute interactive talk to groups in the hospitality industry as well as high school teachers. And you know what? Each audience connects the helpful how to’s I give, to their own situation at work.

Cranky boss? Annoying coworkers? People not emailing you back? Well, if don’t take it personally, you’ll feel a whole lot better about these situations that you can’t control.

They walk away with easy to remember tips about how to not take things personally to enjoy work more.


work life balance

Work life what? Balance. It’s something everyone says they want, complain that they don’t they have it, but don’t often realize what it even looks like…for them as individuals.

As with many life coaching tools, the first step is always to identify what success in any area of life looks like for you. Not your relatives, not your boss, not even your significant other. We often succumb to a ‘not enough’ ness that leaves us feeling like we’re constantly striving and never arriving or achieving what we think will bring us happiness and peace.

In this talk, I guide you to get clear on your priorities in life, set a foundation for your work/life balance goals, and create action steps to help you achieve it. There’s even a handy dandy worksheet to accompany this talk, so you can take your work life balance goals back into real life and not just leave the dream sitting in the breakout room at the conference.


Shortly after I finished life coach training in 2016, I shifted in mega learning gear for digital marketing. I had been an employee all my life and had never been responsible for generating my own income.

Can you say terrifying? If you’re a coach or online entrepreneur then you know ‘zactly what I’m talking about. What, no automated direct deposit with this entrepreneur gig?

I’ve spent hours studying digital marketing strategies. I’ve worked with many coaches to help them know where to focus their time and energy with digital marketing. I have an excellent speech that can educate your group of coaches on how to get started with digital marketing - without the overwhelm!

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