Do you get this kind of crinkle face when you think about starting your email list?

Maybe you’ve set up an account, and added a few people to your list, but you’re so busy that you don’t email your list consistently.

Or maybe you suddenly crave wine or need to check Facebook anytime you even think about what to create as a freebie/lead magnet, what to write, and how often to write it (hello distractions!).

Or maybe you’ve listened to so many podcasts about email marketing that you know you need to start you email list, but there are so many tiny decisions to make for it, that you freeze.

Yet, you KNOW that starting an email list is the key to more clients, more sales and an audience to sell a course to.

Well, I have some shocking news. That was me a few years ago.

Email marketing is hard. There are so many decisions to make that most coaches and consultants freeze - and then never get it launched. But not you! You’re going to be an email list starter! And I can help get you there.



My specialty is helping coaches and consultants get their email list started. I’ll help you create a lead magnet that’s perfect for your audience, help you write an email nurture sequence with all the cool marketing techniques, and and I’ll help you choose the email system that’s best for your business and your budget. It’s time to get the email list started!

I need a freebie text graphic.png


Market Research Questionnaire

50 Min Strategy Call

PDF/Guide Creation (up to 15 pages)

50 Minute Revision Call

I need a funnel.png


Market Research Questionnaire

90 Min Strategy Call

Up to 6 Written Emails

2 50 Minute Revision Calls

Set up the Email System.png


ConvertKit or MailChimp set up

Custom Branded Email Template

Connect Lead Magnet & Emails

Add Lead Magnet to Website*

*Applies to most websites. Details discussed during your free consultation call.

Save $200 When you bundle all 3 packages together!

I was trying to do everything on my own and it was taking me so long to figure out all the tech! I was frustrated with how slow the process was to get my email list started.

Nikki connected all the pieces (freebie, ConvertKit automation, nurture sequence emails) and I’m so glad. I was spending way too much time learning everything!
Traci Elliott, Weight Loss Coach

Traci Elliott, Weight Loss Coach

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